“Spread the wealth around…”

It is no secret that I do not support Barack Obama in the upcoming election.  I’ve never had a particularly good reason for supporting McCain and my reasoning has been mainly negative.  Because I disagree with Obama on certain critical issues, i.e. abortion, taxation, national defense, I tend to be repelled by Obama, not attracted to McCain.  The fact is, however, platforms really mean very little to me.  The main reason for my choice is that I simply trust Obama less than McCain.  I never really knew why until yesterday…

By now everyone following current politics has heard of “Joe the Plumber.”  During a conversation picked up by an open microphone, Obama responded to a voter’s question regarding Obama’s plan to raise taxes on incomes exceeding $250,000.  “Joe” was planning to buy a plumbing business that is projected to make between $260,000 and $280,000.  He asked Obama about the justification for penalizing him for being successful (I’m paraphrasing).  Obama’s response was deeply disturbing.  He told “Joe” that the intent of the tax plan was to “spread the wealth around.”

As I recall, every time this approach has been taken, the end results were that the rank and file population lived repressed, mundane lives with no chance for improving their lots in life, the elite few lived extremely well on the backs of their countrymen, what we would consider fundamental liberties were curtailed, and innovation was not simply slow, but actually discouraged.  This notion of “spreading the wealth” is a fundamentally Marxist ideal.  Never has there been a successful national Marxist experiment that did not have the side effects listed above.  Is Obama so arrogant to think that he can implement such a system while maintaining American values such as life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?

Maybe he is.  In any event Obama is simply not to be trusted, or more precisely, is to be trusted less than McCain.  Either he actually wants to move this country in the direction of the former Soviet Union or Cuba, in which case he is not suited to be an American president, or he is pandering to groups to whom this idea is appealing with no intention of moving this U.S. in this direction, in which case he is driven by public opinion, not real conviction, and is, therefore, not suited to be an American president.  Either way, he is, in my eyes, the greater of the two evils.

Oh, and for the record…I make WAY LESS than $250,000.


One thought on ““Spread the wealth around…”

  1. How many people would be happy if their child had a teacher who lowered their child’s grade for no reason and gave their points to another student so they could pass? Let’s say they have a teacher named Mr. Obama who lowered their child’s A+ to a B- and then raised another child’s grade from a D- to a C+. Would that be fair even if the D- child worked harder than the A+ child? The A+ child woulf be penalized for success and the D- student still wouldn’t know how to succeed.


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