A Letter To President-Elect Barack Obama

Dear Mr. Obama,

I congratulate you on your victory last night and happily acknowledge that despite everything else I may say in this letter, your election to the office of President is one of many needed victories over centuries of racial strife and hatred in this country.  I did not support you in this election and this morning, I stand by that decision.  You will be, however, my President and rest assured that I will pray for you and your administration daily that God will grant you wisdom and discernment in the tough days ahead.  I pledge to support you wholeheartedly to the extent that support is consistent with what I believe to be the commands of God.  I also pledge to oppose you vehemently on policies I find to morally reprehensible or generally irresponsible.  That is, after all, my right and duty as a citizen of this nation.

I believe the American people have acted imprudently.  I beg you to convince me otherwise.  In the meantime, good luck and Godspeed, Mr. President.


Mark Lattimore


2 thoughts on “A Letter To President-Elect Barack Obama

  1. ditto, couldn’t have said it better myself (no really, I couldn’t have even spelled some of those words and I had to use context clues to figure out the meaning of several:)

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