War On Christmas

Here’s a new thing for me.  A short post.  Watch this video and then come back and let me know what you think.  I’m cross-posting this at The Thinking Christian.


Be good.


6 thoughts on “War On Christmas

  1. Sadly, almost 100% of what we see these days in the “news” is so Jerry Springer/3-ring circus-like as to render commentary utterly …. pointless.

    It’s hyperbo-tainment. Nothing more. I stopped watching TV almost 3 years ago out of disgust.

  2. My only question is to ask why the Christian viewpoint was presented with a touch of venom. While I think that the guy representing the humanism society kinda stumbled around as he tried to present his point, I can attribute some of that to nerves. All in all, he was rather civil in his approach. Fundamentaly flawed, but civil.

    The pro-Christmas argument felt like it was being made by an appointed attack dog. I agreed with every point he made about how Christianity is targeted, but at the same time I found it difficult to side with him simply due to the caustic presentation.

    I have to wonder if this is how Christ himself would have reacted. The Bible is full of examples of Christ being quiet & loving to those that disagreed with him. I have to wonder if the message suffered for the sake of the method.

  3. One question, though, Rich. If Jesse Galef had made an absolutely brilliant defense of his position, waxing eloquent on all major points, would it be easier to side with him because of outstanding presentation or would you still agree that his position was fundamentally (and even fatally) flawed. It is absolutely true that Donohue was more than a little fired up and while I would not have presented his point in such a manner as he, I feel the same frustrations. As for Jesus’ potential reaction…it’s hard to say. Would this have been the quietly writing in the sand Jesus or the flipping tables Jesus? I don’t know. If you will recall, Jesus had little patience with those who would manipulate truth to promote their own agenda and, in fact, the Bible is remarkably silent with regard to tone on many (but not all) of these occasions. We tend to ascribe a meekness to Jesus to which, on many occasions, the Bible does not speak.

    All that aside, however, if you’ll read my post (War On Christmas, Part II) on The Thinking Christian, you’ll see that the video is secondary to the point I eventually make. You are the only person (with the possible exception of Candace above) to address, positively or negatively, Donohue’s presentation. I was a little surprised by how distressed everyone who responded was regarding the Humanist position.

  4. Fair question…but no, I would not have sided with Jesse based on eloquence alone. I disagree with him based on principle–not style of presentation. As I mentioned, I agree wholeheartedly with the points Donohue made. My only issue was the manner.

    You’re right in pointing out the fact that Jesus did indeed show flashes of righteous anger (i.e.- throwing the money changers out of the temple). To me though, it just seems that there were far more examples cited in the Bible where it would have been very easy for Him to get indignant and defend his side in order to be “right”…but he chose a more measured tone.

    I’m not going to try and say what Christ would have done based on my interpretation of the situation. It’s a good thing too. Because had he acted in ways I would deem proper, Salvation would never have been possible because He’d have told mankind what they could do with their ungrateful, selfish, condemned eternities.

    To be honest with you, I have a feeling that my observation is based more on my own personality. I tend to appreciate a more low key response that relies on logic, rather than volume, to make its point. I’m sure that if I were a firebrand of a person, I might have had a different take on Donohue. We tend to gravitate towards those that are like us. It’s human nature.

    I certainly don’t agree with the Humanist Society’s position on this subject. Flowery words and touchy-feely language will never mask the fact that they are wrong. My biggest concern is whether Christians’ reactions to the argument do more to turn people off to the truth than draw them to it.

    Then again, if everyone responded like me…that would make for boring television.

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