About Me

Ok, I don’t really like talking about myself.  I once filled the “About Me” section on Facebook, only to be told that I was self-absorbed.  I was more than a little confused because the section is, after all, entitled “About Me.”  Anyway, you wanted to know, so here it is, “About Me” (newly revised)…

I’m a 30 40 something (barely — I’ll let you guess in which direction barely) graduate student in church history restaurant manager with a Master’s Degree in Church History.  I love music, especially the guitar (listening to and playing) and think that our conception of angels playing harps in heaven is completely wrong — they’ll be playing Lowdens and Les Pauls (if you don’t know what those are, look them up, too). I frequently use too many parentheses (is this one really necessary?) when I write because I qualify virtually everything. I believe in precision language. If you ask me “Do you know what time it is,” I’ll look at my watch, promptly respond “Yes,” and move on. If you want me to tell you the time, then ask me. I am generally conservative when it comes to politics and Christian theology, but I abhor vacuous arguments in either. Don’t give me a speech about change without proposing anything substantive, and don’t tell me that the “Eye of the Needle” was a gate in ancient Jerusalem to try to explain away difficult sayings of Jesus. I don’t like pina coladas and I’m not terribly fond of walking in the rain, although the occasional jog in the rain is nice is great for other people but not for me. I think peanut butter is a food group all to itself and that broccoli didn’t exist until after the fall of the human race. I didn’t used to think it took a village to raise a child until I met Alisa B. I believe that true religious tolerance (beyond following the simple maxim “live and let live”) is impossible because Christianity (as do several other religious traditions) claims exclusivity as the path to heaven. The fact that this view is politically incorrect and, in the words of many, “intolerant” doesn’t speak to the question as to whether it is true. I’m purging the word “tolerance” and its cognates from my vocabulary.  They’re usage has become so tortured in contemporary discourse as to gut them of any rhetorical force. The contemporary debate regarding truth is more concerned with making sure everyone feels included than truth, itself. Sad. Speaking of truth, there is absolute truth. If you disagree, go into a quiet room and think about it until you realize your error (here’s a hint — the claim that there is no absolute truth is a truth claim, itself). If you still disagree, see comments on stupid people below(the preceding sentence was just mean–sorry). If you think Jesus was a great human teacher, but not much more, you’ve completely missed the point. I don’t like stupid people. Ignorant people I can tolerate — they simply don’t know any better. Stupid people are the way they are on purpose and I have no patience with them. I feel fairly confident that Jesus would have a more charitable attitude, but my attitude simply reveals how flawed I really am.  Yes, I have done prison time.  No, I’m not going to explain.  I might write about it some time, but not until I’m good and ready.Actually, I have written about it.  It’s somewhere in this blog.  The fact is, I begin way too many sentences with “The fact is.”  I have a great family.  Wife, two kids, a goldfish betta fish (the goldfish died).  I may even tell you something about them from time to time.  I didn’t cry when Old Yeller died, but I do cry watching inspiring sports moments.  I think the two worst movies ever were “Cabin Boy” and “Passenger 57” and that “It’s A Wonderful Life” is the greatest movie of all time, past, present, and future.  I don’t believe that Americans have a monopoly on Christianity or that the Republican Party is a para-church organization, though I am nominally a Republican (after this last election cycle, barely).  Generally speaking, I oppose abortion, though if you want to get beyond this 3 word explanation and learn EXACTLY how I feel about it, you’ll have to read my posts and comments.  Start with “Tragically Amused” on this blog and my comments on the post “Beyond the Christianization of Abortion” at http://www.johnshore.com.  I used to fence in college, and that’s the kind with swords, not the kind with split rails or stolen TVs.  There’s more, but it will have to wait…Who am I kidding?  There is no more.


14 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Yep, that looks like you. Now I’m great with pictures. Do you want me to do one for you? You can check out my work on my facebook.

    1. I did some research on the Lattimores, and apparently one of the original Lattimore (Latimor) brothers settled down in Tenessee. I’m a Lattimore too 🙂

  2. Sandy, I may be family. Hard to say. My family is originally from western NC, but I’ve found that most Lattimores are related at some level. Thanks for the encouragement.

  3. Aw, c’mon. No fair. More info. For instance, why is it that on Rich Hefty’s blog he calls you “Professor” Lattimore? Hmmm?

    Just wandered over here from Suddenly Christian to check out the post you mentioned there, because it sounded, from what you’ve been saying in your comments on that blog, as if I might agree with you on lots of stuff. And I do. You are a good writer, and a good thinker. In my opinion, anyway. Will bookmark you and check back.

    Oh, and the CS Lewis quote in your “Favorite Quotes” section is one of my faves as well. I like CS Lewis a lot. Especially when he is acerbic.

  4. I told David that your words above on absolute truth sounded much like many of the conversations we had in college. This is the first time I have ventured onto your blog and I thoroughly enjoyed it. My best to you and the family…

  5. I cannot believe I stumbled upon this site. I am glad to know you are doing well. I was also glad to see that Amy thinks you are a
    dork : ) Some things never change. I wish you and your family the best. I know we haven’t seen each other in years. My grandparents lived across the street form you when we were growing up.

  6. Mark Lattimore is not a common name. That is why I was shocked to find another Mark Lattimore besides my son and myself. What is most unusual is that my son and I are African American. Imagine that!

  7. Mark, it’s not as uncommon a name as you might expect. It is certainly less common than John Smith. It all depends on where you look. When I was in high school (in Charlotte, NC), I played football. At the same time there was another Mark Lattimore (who was African-American) who played football for a high school in a neighboring county (which actually has a town of Lattimore). Though at one time or another, I saw both of our names in the paper, I thought about how odd it would be for us both to be in the paper at the same time. I don’t think that ever happened. Out of curiosity, where you are from, originally?

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